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“This revival cannot happen in a natural sense; it must happen supernaturally”, according to Pastor Agu Irukwu who is passionately urging Christians across the United Kingdom (UK) to believe God for another great move of the Holy Spirit that will usher in a spiritual revival in the country.
“We’re invoking the supernatural. The trigger for the forthcoming revival has to be the supernatural. The supernatural is going to be triggered primarily by prayer. Prayer plays a critical role in birthing God’s purposes”, adds Pastor Agu, while sharing his burden with associates in the UK.
The former lawyer-turned-pastor continues: “Having trained as a lawyer, I think like a lawyer. I start out by looking for evidence. The whole of the Scriptures provide evidence that the nature of God is that if you pray, He answers – from the patriarchs to the Apostles! God will answer prayer, according to His will. The Golden Rule of Prayer is to pray in faith, as written in Matthew 7:7.”
The ReviveUK initiative thus prioritises the foundation of focused prayer, drawing from the spectacular Biblical encounter recorded in the Book of 1 Kings 18:41-46 involving Elijah the prophet of God, the prophets of Baal and the Israelites. A nation that had drifted far away from the Lord was caught up in a most decisive spiritual contest on Mount Carmel: Elijah versus Baal’s prophets. Elijah’s prayers prevailed and the whole nation of Israel was restored to God.

Hence, the core areas of this concerted effort to birth another spiritual revival in the UK are the following:

Revival Prayers
Information Management
Communication and Engagement
Strategic Relationships
Civic Responsibility
Engaging Millennials
To be a part of this movement, please select any aspect of the seven strands above and sign up to become an agent of restoration in God’s hands.